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No! More!! Long!!! Days...

DO NOT COMPLANE ABOUT THE AUDIO QUALITY OF THIS VIDEO :-) - I just reduced the length of the video so that I can upload it to youtube and the result is what you have below.. Just bare with it for the moment. I will update it later..

Rocket Framework - Startup Rocket Framework - Dealing with Business Objects

Rocket Framework - Dealing with Handler Classes Rocket Framework - Dealing with Data Editors

Use 'Rocket for Windows' to design you complex software easilly. This helps creating ultra flexible .NET applications quickly & accurately.
You write less code, with less bugs but achieve more results that can no way possible otherwise.

Rocket Framework is an easy to use framework for developing windows form based application using .Net framework 4.0. In simple terms, I developed the two screens given below with having proper architectural disciplines in a matter of 20 minutes by using the RocketFramework. Check Documentation to see how..


This use a combination of entity framework, automapper, generic and few design patterns to give you an ultimate solution that make it possible to develop form based applications ultra fast.

If you want to understand the architecture of this framework please read the article posted at codeproject with the title Architecture Guide: Windows Forms, Generics, Auto-Mapper, Entity Framework, Framework Design and many more.. This article is using one of the earlier version of the framework, so this may not have some of the things you find in the latest version of the source code. However this is good enough for you to understand the back born architecture of this framework.

What to expect Next?
  • Rocket framework version 2.0 beta with WPF supported
  • Rocket framework version 3.0 beta with Web supported
  • Rocket framework version 4.0 beta with MVC supported
  • Rocket framework version 4.0, the final release.

If any of you are interested in joining the development team, talk to me, I have a job posted under People page.

Screen-Shots of few small Applications that were created using Rocket Framework

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